Steero Parking Services

Our Story

We started our first business when mobile phones were used mostly for voice calls and SMS’s and every company owned at least one landline. It was just some 25 years ago.

But if we look at what the technologies are capable of nowadays, it feels like ages. Technologies changed and so did we. In 2012 we started our first projects that turned the possibilities of mobile technologies and safe online payment systems into useful tools for different companies.

Now we are launching our fourth product that is specifically designed for use in the logistics industry.
How Steero can help your company

Steero provides an online payment service that connects trucking service providers with trucking company trucks throughout Europe. It makes truck service payments safer, more transparent, easier to account, and provides trucking companies with a Europe-wide network of trusted car wash services and parking.

It also gives the opportunity for businesses that provide different truck services to gain more trusted returning clients who will make payments through the safe Steero payment system. The more trucking companies become Steero clients, the more trusted customers will steer your way.

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Meet Our Core Team

  • Gundars Ozols
    Founder & CEO
    +371 29211040
  • Mārīte Straume
    Chief Commercial Officer
    +371 29101783
  • Jūlija Sproģe
  • Karina Urbanaite
    Head of Business Development
    +371 26119904
  • Ilona Seratinska
    Partner Network Manager
    +371 29187061
  • Emīls Kraģis
    Marketing Manager
  • Martins Muitenieks
    Brand Manager
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