For Service Providers

Joining the STEERO network amplifies the accessibility of your services to Europe's largest transport companies.

Allow carriers throughout Europe to discover, book, and pay for your truck Parking and Washing services.


Carriers from all over Europe can find your services on the STEERO booking platform


Every time a carrier books your services, you will receive an email with all booking details


You’ll receive an invoice on a (semi-)monthly basis. The best part?

With STEERO you’re always guaranteed a fast payment, 100% of the time!

We Support The Growth
of Your Location

Steero boosts performance and boosts income for truck stop locations,
whether new or established.

Even at full capacity, we streamline operations, saving you time and cutting administration and staff costs.

We are working for you

  • Get your payments on time

    Rest assured, we ensure timely payments for your services. We take the initiative to follow up with fleets and drivers who have utilized your services, ensuring that the payment promptly reaches you.
  • We market your location

    Additionally, we offer complimentary marketing for your location, showcasing it to Steero drivers and fleets as an available business. Your truck stop will be prominently featured on the Steero locations page, the app, as well as across social media and email campaigns.
  • Simplified accounting

    We save a considerable amount of time by reducing the overall administrative workload. No more chasing checks. Receive a digital invoice.

We know you have some questions (FAQ)

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If you have any questions or need more details about how

Steero can help your business, get in touch via the form below.

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